Thai Pest Chemical’s #1 Pest Control Supplies in Bangkok, Thailand

Thai Pest Chemical's #1 Pest Control Supplies in Bangkok, Thailand

Thai Pest Chemical’s #1 Pest Control Supplies in Bangkok, Thailand

We are one of major suppliers of Pest Control Products and Chemicals through Thailand. We also provide consulting service for PCO in Thailand Pest Control Industries, and we are shipping pest control supplies to Cambodia, Myanmar & Laos.

Our experience indicates that there is an underserved group of “Do-it-yourselfers” in this industry. On one side, these “do-it-yourselfers” have the local Home and Garden Stores, with high markups for low concentrations and limited products. Advice from these stores are inconsistent at best. On the other side, “Do-it-yourselfers” can turn to professionals. However, costs, scheduling, treatment consistency, trust and the simple fact that nobody will treat your home like you would, makes professionals less desirable for a “do-it-yourselfer”.

Pest Control Chemical Supplies in Bangkok, Thailand

Thai Pest Chemical's #1 Pest Control Supplies in Bangkok, Thailand

A-Best wholesale pest supplies store is the answer. Here you can have your pest intruder identified by trained professionals. Learn about the pests troubling your home. Get a prescribed treatment for the specific problem. Purchase products not available in Home and Garden Stores and get answers to specific questions about pest problems. Think of us as a professional pest consulting company.

We are a full service company. We understand that controlling pests is about placing the right product, in the right place. We will walk you through solving your pest problems from beginning to end. Furthermore, Thai Pest Chemical's #1 Pest Control Supplies in Bangkok, Thailandif a treatment is failing to work, then you can call us and we will customize a program to solve your specific problem.






Thai Pest Chemical – Best Pest Control Chemical & Equipment Supplies Thailand

Thai Pest Chemical's #1 Pest Control Supplies in Bangkok, Thailand

Difficult economic times have forced many homeowners to find ways to save money on things like pest control and  others simply do not like strangers coming into their home, while,  still others, enjoy the do-it-yourself lifestyle that provides them with great joy and satisfaction. Indoor Pest control is one home maintenance cost that can be drastically reduced, saving you hundreds of dollars or more per year if you do it yourself.  With the help from the experts at Pest Control General Store you can rest at ease knowing the products you are using are not only effective on eliminating all types of pests from your home, but they will not compromise your family’s health or safety.

Pest Control General Store has been providing  Professional-Strength, residential, do-it-yourself pest control products, FREE advice for PCO in the Bangkok, Thailand area for over 20 years!  Now, through internet technology,  and our new online website and store, the rest of the country.

Our store is stocked with state-of-the art, technologically advanced products as well as low-impact and non-chemical alternatives. We have thousands of items to help you control ALL your pest problems. Whether you are dealing with ants, roaches, fleas, spiders or even the dreaded bed bug (which is quickly reaching epidemic proportions) we can help you get the job done .  ** Thai pest Chemical are Professional Pest Control experts who will identify your insects and teach you how to control the pests that are driving you crazy and, in some cases, putting your health and well being at rist. We’ll explain the latest treatments and techniques for getting rid of everything from cockroaches to house mice. You can be bug free, yes, even in Florida! And think about it…if you can live bug free in Thailand, where we breed bugs, you can live bug free all over the country as well!

If you are pest control service company in Cambodia, Myanmar & Laos Please contact me to get a special price for Termite chemical & equipment, Roden baite boxes, Rodent Bait, Cockroaches Gel, Mini Fogger, UVL machine, Rodent glue board, Termite chemical with many AI i.e. Fipronyl, Imidaclopid, Spray Tanks, Insect Light Trap

For more information, email, call, or if you are local, stop by the Pest Control General Store. PS Don’t forget to bring us a sample of the pest that is bugging you.

**Always read and follow manufacturer’s labels and directions.

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